Friday, November 26, 2004

Preparations for our arrival

Hi, my name is Csaba (pronounced Chubba). My brother's name is Bugsy. I'm the fawn one with the Sean Connery chest hair and Bugsy is the inquisitive-looking black one. (The wheels in his mind are always turning.) Aren't we cute?

Prior to us being adopted into the Walters Pack, there was much preparation for our arrival. Mom and Dad would discuss at length what kind of puppy would be best.

Dad mentioned adopting perhaps [gasp] a dachshund or miniature pinscher, but Mom has always wanted pugs and after visiting other pugs, the decision was an easy one. Here is a picture from the Cleveland Pug Group's monthly meeting, where pugs get together for discussions on the latest clothing trends, the economics of treat consumption, owner obedience training, and whether or not the pug will win this year's Best in Show:

After the pug meetup, it was clear that a pug was in our mom and dad's future.

Mom and Dad got married on October 14, 2004, on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC:

And look who Dad met while taking pictures in the town of Asheville...good pug karma, I say:

When Mom and Dad returned to Ohio and found that a litter of pugs had been born a couple of days after their wedding, they checked it out and decided that good pug karma was indeed in their favor. In fact, Dad said, "Why not get two?" after beholding the extreme cuteness that was Bugsy Pug, and it was settled. We were adopted into the Walters Pack around Thanksgiving.

Before our adoption, our mom and dad had pugs on the brain from morning until night. For example, on Halloween, rather than carving the standard boring pumpkin, they carved a "pugkin" for the front stoop:

Our mom's handiwork:

Here's a shot of Dad giving the pugkin a lobotomy:

Pugkin seeds - yum!

The finished pugkin:

The artist poses with her masterpiece:

Lighting the pugkin:

Just before the anticipation of our arrival got to be too much for our mom and dad, we were ready to be picked up the day before Thanksgiving. Shortly thereafter, our adventures with the Walters Pack began!

Enjoy our blog; we'll have much more to write!