Friday, July 13, 2007

Making New Friends

Dad, can I have the computer?



*more staring*


Dad, can I have the computer please?

Okay, Bugsy here. A lot has happened since our last blog post! First of all, we are almost three years old. Second, we now live at a bed & breakfast (pet friendly, of course) and we are making a lot of new friends.

One of our new pals, Hoshi, came and stayed with her mom and dad for a few days at our place. We shared our toys and she shared some awesome stuff called Brauts 'n Tots, and she even left us a few toys!

Mama was in the kitchen and heard Csaba yelling very loudly. Thinking he was once again barking at his shadow on the wall, she came around the corner and lo and behold, Csaba was shouting at a duck that was quacking right back at him.

The duck is currently in surgery as Csaba decided he wanted to separate the quack from the quacker...

Rrrawrrrwrwrr. Oh excuse me. I was taking a little break. How did Hoshi know I love to nibble on rope?


Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Rogue Tongue

I, Subba, ud lipe do dape a mibbit do...

*sucks tongue into mouth*

Sorry, my tongue slips out at random sometimes and makes it hard for me to speak.

What I was saying was, I, Csaba would like to take a moment to discuss my rogue tongue, to give my rogue tongue the attention it deserves, much like my Buddha Belly.

My tongue made its public debut when I was just two weeks old (take that, Suri Cruise). I'm dashingly cute, I know, even when hiding my sexy Sean Connery chest.

Back when I was a wee pup, the tongue stuck out mostly when I was asleep, dreaming of my pug mama's teat.

As I started getting older, not only would my rogue tongue make an appearance while I slumbered peacefully (visions of teats replace by visions of baby carrots and cheerios), but it would make its way out of my mouth almost every time I opened it. And it also decided it liked one side of my mouth better than the other. My mom and dad claim that's because my jaw is crooked, but I think it's just the tongue's preference. The Rogue Tongue pretty much has a mind of its own. Don't believe me? Take a look at the evidence below.

Rogue Tongue, get ready for your 15 minutes of fame!