Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Rogue Tongue

I, Subba, ud lipe do dape a mibbit do...

*sucks tongue into mouth*

Sorry, my tongue slips out at random sometimes and makes it hard for me to speak.

What I was saying was, I, Csaba would like to take a moment to discuss my rogue tongue, to give my rogue tongue the attention it deserves, much like my Buddha Belly.

My tongue made its public debut when I was just two weeks old (take that, Suri Cruise). I'm dashingly cute, I know, even when hiding my sexy Sean Connery chest.

Back when I was a wee pup, the tongue stuck out mostly when I was asleep, dreaming of my pug mama's teat.

As I started getting older, not only would my rogue tongue make an appearance while I slumbered peacefully (visions of teats replace by visions of baby carrots and cheerios), but it would make its way out of my mouth almost every time I opened it. And it also decided it liked one side of my mouth better than the other. My mom and dad claim that's because my jaw is crooked, but I think it's just the tongue's preference. The Rogue Tongue pretty much has a mind of its own. Don't believe me? Take a look at the evidence below.

Rogue Tongue, get ready for your 15 minutes of fame!