Monday, December 27, 2004

Attempting to harness the cuteness

Csaba reporting from the Walters Pack:

For Christmas, Santa brought my brother Bugsy and I each a little something called a "harness." All I know is that it's a contraption that goes around our bodies and Dad and Mom tell us that we look good, so it must be all right. Give me a little credit; I'm only 10 weeks old and I'm still learning what things are.

When Mom put on my harness, it felt strange at first, but then I got used to it. Okay, okay, okay...the truth is that I was in the middle of a nap when she put it on and I didn't even realize it. We like to sleep. A lot.

My brother, Bugsy, had some "issues" with his harness. When they finally got it on him after a brief struggle, he became quite embarrassed, even after they told him how good he looked and how blue was his color. First, he buried his teeny black head in the crook of our mom's neck and then he climbed up into the couch (where he was headed, we still don't know) and fell asleep. Did I mention that we like to sleep a lot?

Mom and Dad took advantage of our time of slumber to get in a few photos, which I'm sure will embarrass us for years to come.

While I was waking up from my peaceful nap, I heard Mom tell Dad, "Just wait until we put leashes on them; that'll really excite them."