Tuesday, November 30, 2004

There's a holiday for eating!

Csaba here...this Thanksgiving was our first holiday ever. I've decided that I love Thanksgiving because it is a celebration of the incredible consumption of food by people (and pugs). I've decided I like solid food -- no more teets for me!

Here we are with our mom and our "Grandpa Bill" preparing for the Thanksgiving feast. Actually, my brother, Bugsy, and I are already celebrating! You have to look closely to find us -- we're eating out of the blue bowls near our mom. (The big shiny silver bowls are too high for us to reach at the moment.)

Our method is to put our front paws into the food bowl, move the food around a bit to make sure the texture and substance are just right, and then we eat one piece at a time, savoring each morsel. Okay, that's my method. I think Bugsy just eats like a regular dog.

After Thanksgiving was over, we were stuffed like a turkey! We decided to participate in the other well-known Thanksgiving (and pug puppy) ritual -- the nap:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!