Saturday, November 27, 2004

We like our new home!

Hi, this is Csaba Pugga, reporting to you from the shores of Lake Erie just west of Cleveland, Ohio.

Around Thanksgiving, my brother, Bugsy, and I were adopted into the Walters Pack and we really like it. We are now about seven weeks old and we would like to share some pictures with you.

Here is our first baby picture, taken when we were two weeks old. I am the cute fawn one and my brother, Bugsy Pug, is the teeny black one (those are his hind legs sticking up). As you can see, my rogue tongue often prefers to protrude out of my mouth, even at two weeks old:

And here we are at four weeks old, just two weeks before our adoption. It wasn't exactly easy for us to walk back then, so don't make fun of us!

Below is a picture of my little brother Bugsy with our dad shortly after our adoption. At seven weeks old, he is two pounds of pug cuteness. I have half a pound more of cuteness in me (mostly in my belly). Even though he's older than me, I call him my little brother.

My mom and dad have taken to calling my brother Buggaman. He loves to cuddle with dad and says when he gets older, he'll get to ride in the sidecar of dad's motorcycle while they go across the country. What a dreamer!

Here I am doing the Heisman pose. I love to watch football with my mom and dad when I'm not napping (and even when I am napping). Go Bucks!

I sleep a lot. As a matter of fact, excuse me while I take a quick nap...

[twenty minutes later]

Okay, I'm back. I love to sleep in my mama's lap. Oh, it's so nice and comfy! Here we are cuddled up in the lap shortly after our arrival home from the adoption proceedings. I think it will only remain a two-pug lap until we're about 12 weeks old, after which I plan to kick Bugsy off and claim it as my own.

Yep, here we are, asleep again.

My mom says I have chest hair like Sean Connery, whoever he is. I think that means I'm supposed to talk with a Scottish accent and say things like, "Bond, Csaba Bond."

At first, my mom and dad were worried that I might have worms because I had such a big pot belly. I was tested at the vet and the vet said, "Nope, no worms," so now it has been decided that I just have a big Buddha belly and that I'll eventually grow into it. They even call me "Chubby" now as a nickname...was I aptly named or what?