Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Nanny 911 a/k/a Joey the Cat

Csaba here...We've lived with the Walters Pack for just over two months now, and in that time we have come to have much respect for our brother, Joey the Cat.

Joey is a 16-pound orange striped ball of emotional detachment.
He is most definitely aloof and has corrupted the mind of my brother, Bugsy.

Early on, Bugsy had great respect for Joey. He would step out of Joey's way when Joey would walk through the room, bowing like a humble peasant to his king. Seeing this submissive attitude and knowing he could exploit it to the fullest, Joey raised his eyebrow in villanous interest and took Bugsy under his wing to train him in all things cat. In fact, Bugsy now thinks he is part cat, which is a potential downer for our dad who claims an allergy to cats. Oh the pugmanity!

I myself like to push Joey's cat buttons.
This is one of our first interactions with Joey a few months ago when we were seven or eight weeks old. Notice how Bugsy is giving Joey respect by not looking at him directly in the eyes. I, on the other hand, want to have a few words with His Royal Highness Joey the Cat:

And here I am later, all three pounds of me, challenging Joey to a face-off. Note the look of disinterest -- I mean fear -- in Joey's eyes!

Mom has had Joey for seven years and dad has lived with him for about a year. Mom loves Joey. Dad tolerates him. But Dad has finally decided that Joey the Cat indeed serves a purpose other than to let us know that our Dyson vacuum cleaner still works by providing cat hair to be swept up every day. He also is Supernanny. When Bugsy and I wrestle and play rough, it's Nanny 911 to the rescue.

Last week, we were given a big box to play in. We loved it but Supernanny did not approve. According to our mom, Supernanny knew that we would rather eat the box than play in it, which is not healthy for us. According to Supernanny, he just wanted the box for himself. [Note how we are starting to gain on Joey in size after just two short months!]

Here's a typical shot of Supernanny just seconds before serving a smackdown on us:

The way it works is, Supernanny will give us a few smacks, all the while providing us with a brief, yet memorable lecture consisting of a string of angry meows, and we know he means business.

After the first few times of disciplining us, I have now come to respect Joey. Fortunately, I'm gaining weight every day and I will likely outweigh him by at least 10 pounds. Can't wait to see the day when that happens!