Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The vet lady strikes again

Bugsy here...dad took us to visit the vet lady yesterday afternoon. We still fit in our big brother Joey's kitty carrier, but a mishap has tainted my love for being chauffered in the carrier (more on that later).

When we arrived at the doctor's office, all eyes were on us. We felt like celebrities. Only in prison. It was weird looking out at all the strange faces from the inside of the carrier. I have to admit that the oohing and ahhhing was flattering, but I was actually glad we were behind bars...I tend to be a bashful pug. Unfortunately, our sanctuary and interactions with the pugpapparazzi were short-lived. The vet lady beckoned and my experience quickly went downhill.

I don't remember much because it was so traumatizing. I mean, first of all, she put her face two inches from mine and barked at me again with her loud, shrill bark. Scary! That's no way to greet someone! Especially someone as cute and little as me!

Second, she told me I weighed 10.2 pounds. I just don't know how that's possible, seeing as how I am so trim and work to keep the weight off by going crazy every day from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. I was tickled to hear that Chubby, I mean Csaba, weighed 12.1 pounds. Hehehe. Fatso. I mean, look at his stomach. Pug sure knows how to eat. I think I look svelte, by the way, although I hear the camera does add a few pounds.

Then, the vet lady decided to give us what she calls booster shots. I prefer to think of them as torture devices. Csaba has extra padding, so it didn't bother him. But when she stuck me, it was no fun and the performer in me just had to let everyone know about it. I cried really loud and I think dad felt a little guilty. Mission accomplished! We then got treats (yum!) and headed out. I hope we don't have to see the vet lady again anytime soon.

On the way back, Csaba had car sickness. Fatty Boombahladdy shouldn't have wolfed down his treat so fast at the doctor's office. It wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't confined in the kitty carrier with him. Good thing it was treat-flavored. I helped him clean it up. Sheesh. What some pugs do for their brothers.

Before we got home, dad made a brief stop at DrugMart to pick up our 2005 dog tags. Now, with our nametags and dog tags, Csaba and I have serious bling bling. Snoop Dogg, watch out! Csaba Pugga and Bugsy Pug are in the hizouse!